OhMyKitty4u : Review of Coscon Anime Turquoise by @thecosplayvlogger

Lenses : Coscon Anime Turquoise

Totally forgot to post yesterday because I was in Cosplay crunch tunnel vision working on Soraka 😅😅😅and she’s turning out beautifully.💕💅🏻

But ANYWAYS today I’d like to share with you guys @ohmykitty4u !! 🙌🏻

The people in the store were AMAZING working with me right before Katsu to get my contacts in my prescription in on time for the con.🙏🏻😄

I had some odd requests and everyone who helped me out through IG DMs was simply amazing!

They let me know what was or wasn’t in stock so I would get the order put on back order and even asked for my order number to make sure it was worked on ASAP to be delivered to the convention hotel on time.

I couldn’t be happier. 👌🏻💕

And these are the Turquoise Cos Con lenses and this lens brand has quickly become my favorite.

They make my eyes look very “anime.” ✨

I got them in 3 different colors and they’re all super comfortable and I honestly wish I could wear them all the time but I would definitely freak out the people at work haha. 😅

I could wear them for the full day at the con with no problems.

But overall a 10/10 experience with @ohmykitty4u .

Super helpful people, fast delivery, comfortable contacts, was give the right prescription and can see great. I couldn’t ask for anything more! 👍🏻