OhMyKitty4u : Review Coscon Anime Yellow by @hyper.hyperion

Review time! 🎉
@ohmykitty4u’s Coscon Anime Yellow lenses (prescription)
(Comfort) - I used them for hours at Ohayocon and they were pretty comfortable.

They’re noticeably heavier than my Air Optix lenses but that wasn’t too big of a problem since after a while I forgot they were in my eyes. .

(Color) - As you can see I have really dark eyes so I was pleasantly surprised with how well the color showed up.

The color appears on my eyes with more of a goldish tint but I’m sure on lighter colored eyes they’ll appear more yellow. Still worked for my cosplay! .

(Design) - These contacts were designed to resemble the eyes of anime characters so they’re absolutely beautiful for taking pictures.

I’d definitely recommend these lenses for characters such as Himiko Toga and Edward Elric (I’m personally going to use them for SSJ4 Goku).

The only flaw I find in their design is if the shading isn’t place in the same position as the other eye it’ll make your eyes look a bit wonky.

Nothing too bad, I’m just that picky. .

(Overall) - (4.5 / 5) I’d recommend these lenses! Check out the #ohmykitty4u site for more colors! ♥️