ColourVUE Crazy Lens One Day™ (novelty coloured contact lenses /halloween coloured contact lenses) brings you the ultimate convenience and comfort. No more maintenance or fear of infections, fit a fresh new pair for every occasion.
Our top sellers Whiteout, Red Devil, White Zombie, Blackout, Dragon Eyes, Orange Werewolf, Blood Shot, Sky Blue, Twilight and Volturi are now available as daily disposables. Get a pair for a worry free costume party or Halloween this year. All of our contact lenses are FDA approved and are renowned for being very comfortable to wear courtesy of Hydrogel technology which allows high oxygen permeability.


  • Superior Comfort & Healthier eyes 
  • Easy to handle, no curling 
  • Maintenance free daily disposable 
  • Patented Hydrogel material for full day comfort 
  • High water content (55%) retains moisture all day  
  • SmartEdge for zero foreign body sensation 
  •  Lens Type: Daily disposable cosmetic plano coloured contact lenses 
  •  Package Details: 2 lenses per box

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