I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue
Dia: 16.2mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Colour: 5/5. These lenses are spot on with the colour and look exactly as they do in the example photos! Of course, depending on what your eye colour is naturally, it may differ, but if you google the lens name in google and look at the photos, many people with different eye colours have worn these lenses and gotten amazing results, so you may be able to compare that to your personal eye colour. :)

Comfort: 5/5. These lenses were extremely comfortable, possibly the most comfortable ones I have used!

Enlargement: 4.5/5. Due to not having the limbal ring they don't provide such an extreme enlargement effect, but still have a huge effect as you can see in my comparison photos below! If you want lenses that look extremely natural, but still give your eyes a larger effect, these are perfect.
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