Close up of my lenses with no makeup. :two_hearts:

Design: 5/5
I love how cute it is! It's like a flower and somehow my eyes do look brown and as shown my eyes are light. 

Comfort: 4.5/5
It's been a while since I've had lenses in which may be part of it but compared to my purple lenses I got these are less than them and more then my Green crazy lenses.
I could probably wear them all day with no problems though.

Color: 5/5
The color is very nice! It shows up on my eyes really well. I was worried that my eyes were to light but they covered up nicely.

Enlargement: 5/5
I see a huge difference! The black around the edges helps a lot! Also these lenses are 16mm. My green ones are 14mm and my expired blue ones were 15mm. If that helps with knowing how big they are.

Overall: 5/5
@ohmykitty4u Has been very good about getting these lenses to me and in general giving good service. The lens case I got was really nice quality and locks in better then any of my other cases! Also my little gift I got was cool. It was instant eyeshadow which I used for my deer makeup. I still have one more (since I got two) and I'll wear that sometime and take more pictures of it.
Some people wanted me to review so I did. I also have videos that I might edit sometime. Hope you enjoyed.

more pictures below  

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