- Ohmykitty4u.com Review -

Today I got my lens package from Ohmykitty4u.com! The package contained 3 pair of lenses, 3 lens cases, and a leaflet showing some of their products you can find on their webstore.

Their webstore is easy to navigate, you can either search by brand, color, "natural" looking lenses or cosplay lenses. Very convenient!

With every lens purchase you get a free lens case, so if you order 3 pair of lenses you get 3 pair of lens cases for free! 😊 The lens case you get have a simple design, but if you are looking for cute ones you can find a good variety of lens cases under Ohmykitty4u.com "accessories" link -> RIGHT HERE <-

Now onto the lenses I received~

Now to my favorite pair of lenses!

Mini Nobluk Brown eye lens

Mini Nobluk Brown:
Mini Nobluk Brown eye color lens

The Mini Nobluk Brown lens has a 1 year lifespan and 14,00 diameter. But there is another alternative for you who want bigger lenses. The Nobluk Brown 16mm version! <- click to check it out on Ohmykitty4u.com. I've always wanted to try a lens from the Nobluk series, and now that I have tried I can officially say that I'm completely sold on this lens brand. LOVE THIS LENS OK!?

Ahhh woow my love is strong for this lens! Need to try more colors from Nobluk in the future. Such a good daily basis lens, and I feel so good looking in this lens haha!

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