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recently I've order some awesome contacts from a website called Oh My Kitty 4U (@ohmykitty4u ) I though I should do a review on them! 

So I ordered three different pairs, the first are called Trinity Violet, the second is Missy Rose Blue, and the third is Starburst Blue. I wore each pair for a full day to make sure they worked well for long convention days. So without further delay here's my review of these contacts based on comfort, color, coverage, shipping, and overall product & service on the Missy Rose Blue ones~ I.Fairy Missy Rose Blue 

Comfort~ 10/10
These contacts were incredibly comfortable throughout the day! From when I first put them in to later in the day I had no problems at all with them. 
Color~ 10/10 
The beautiful blue color showed up great on my dark brown eyes. It's hard to find good contacts for dark colored eyes, but these were perfect! 
Coverage~ 9/10
They covered my eyes pretty well. You could see a little brown near my pupil, but it was nothing too noticeable. 
Shipping~ 10/10 
The shipping had the contacts arrive exactly when they said they would~ My post office did delay my pick up but that wasn't the company's fault. 
Overall product & service~ 10/10
I'm in love with these contacts so much that I wear them even out of cosplay. The blue is so beautiful, and bright. The comfort is a major plus. These are perfect for anyone with dark eyes. No to mention they are perfect for my Seto Kaiba cosplay! These are my favorite pair out of the order~ 
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Get Missy Rose Blue Contacts here. (https://ohmykitty4u.com/products/missy-rose-blue)

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