OhMyKitty4u : Review Puffy 3 tones green lenses  by @cellaira

Ive had a lot of people ask me about my deku contacts so I figured I would do a review! The contacts are on sale right now too! 

Contacts : puffy 3 tones in green
from @ohmykitty4u 
Diameter: 16mm 
Available in prescription. 

ohmykitty4u puffy 3 tones green
Color: 10/10 I love how these look!

They are easy to spot and show up well in all my pics. My eyes aren’t light or too dark and they still show up great.

All the tones make them blend with my natural color more. 

Comfort: 9/10 these are probably one of my comfiest contacts. I have astigmatism in my left eye , which gives me issues with large lenses but I never had a problem with these! 

ohmykitty4u puffy 3 tones green
All the pictures are not edited in any way and have no filter on them. 
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