OhMyKitty4u : Review aurora spark pink by @Chan-chan.

OhMyKitty4u : AURORA Spark Pink - Lens Review

☆☆☆ AURORA Spark  - Circle lenses ☆☆☆

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Hello lovely people !! ❤
I'm back with a lens review for Ohmykitty4u !!  
This time I tried some very sweet pink circle lenses from the "Aurora Spark" collection ! 
The design is very shoujo-manga like : pink and gold with white sparkles ! (They also exist in blue, grey or orange) This so cute !! I can't wait to try them on and see how it will turn out on dark brown eyes !
Information : 
Diameter:  15 mm
Lifespan: 1 year disposal

✿ Are ready to transform yourself into a super cute shojo chara ? 
Close-up photos (Natural light with makeup) 
Those lenses are so lovely and they make me feel like a mahou shojo !! \(≧◡≦)/ The design is showing well on my dark brown eyes, that's really amazing !! And those white sparkles are funny ! But as you can see, they are moving when I'm blinking... Kinda weird but still sweet and confortable 
Even if they are very cute, I won't wear them very often because I prefer "natural circle lenses" for my daily look... But they are amazing for cosplay or MUA purpose !

✿ Full face photo 


Thank you for reading my review !! I hope it was helpful !! ❤  

You can buy them here 
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