Review I.fairy Jinnie Blue Color Contacts by @yanderesancosplays

💙Contacts: Jinnie Blue
I'm in love with these contacts from @ohmykitty4u so here's a little review for them??

Colour: 5/5
The colour is fantastic. I wasn't expecting them to be as bright as they are on my dark eyes, but they are absolutely beautiful!

Enlargement: 2/5
These contacts are meant to be natural. They're not really meant to be anime-like. They make my eyes look a little bigger, but not much.

Comfort: 5/5
These are the most comfortable contacts I've ever worn. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing any contacts.

Overall: 5/5
These are my favourite contacts I own. I'll definitely be wearing them a lot more than my other pairs. I love them so so much!

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