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Review Mini Sclera Tokyo Ghoul 17mm by@flutewhistledrum

These are the "Mini sclera tokyo ghoul 17mm" from @ohmykitty4u ⠀
❕ Information ❕
Diameter: 17mm
Life span: 1 year
Base curve: 8.6

📸 Images taken by @mu.kade on Canon EOS 100D 📸

❌ Colour 10/10 ❌
The colour of these lenses are super amazing for any coloured eyes and perfect for a tokyo ghoul cosplay. They're so vibrant! ⠀

❌ Comfort 8/10 ❌
Obviously these aren't the comfiest lenses sine they are quite a bit larger but the comfort is still amazing. Sometimes they may move or irritate my eyes but other than that, I don't feel them there until nearing the end of the day? ⠀

❌ Size 10/10 ❌
Obviously, these lenses aren't full sized scleras so they don't cover my entire eye but they still cover a large proportion of my eye considering they're so much smaller and significantly cheaper. This would ofcourse, Cary with eye size ⠀

❗overall I think these lenses from @ohmykitty4u are beautiful and perfect for Halloween use as well as cosplaying characters with ghoul eyes. I highly recommend these lenses to everyone ❗

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