OhMyKitty4u : Review Puffy 3 tones violet barbie by @shatteringrealitycosplay
Lenses : Puffy 3 tones violet barbie from @ohmykitty4u
Diameter :16mm
Lifespan : 1 year l
~Design, color~
I have dark eyes and I was looking for a specific color shade that would work for a character with my Brown eyes; they are perfect in color and I love the tones in the lenses they mix well and show up wonderfully on my eyes. ~Comfort ~
Really comfortable, as soon as I put them in I didnt know I was wearing lenses. These are perfect and I can wear them and forget I have them in ^^ ~Shipping~
First time I've ordered and I was very pleased and they arrived quickly! Very satisfied ~Overall review ~
I was on a hunt for a certain color for my futaba sakura cosplay, having dark and sensitive eyes can make it a challenge but om very happy I went with these puffy three tone lenses. Super comfortable, color is perfect! And they make my character look amazing ! But far my favorite pair of lenses ! ~