Review SFX Storm White Contact Lens by @louistato

👻Review time👻
Okay I thought I'd finally review these awesome lenses I got from @ohmykitty4u! They are called "SFX Storm White" 👻Specification
Diameter: 14mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Replacement Period: 1 Year

I can honestly say that the lenses I've got from ohmykitty4u are the most comfortable I've ever wore. Normally my eyes tickle a little when looking around but I don't have that problem at all with these lenses.

They're designed well enough to cover the eye perfectly. I was surprised when I wore both of them because I expected it alot harder to see through but it's just like looking through a transparency so it's definitely possible to see enough with them.

There's not alot to say about it expect that it covers the eye perfectly and doesn't show it when looking around.

I'm super happy with these and as I said, I'm still very surpised that I can see so well with them. 10/10 would recommend!!

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