Starburst Green Eye Lens

contacts: Starburst Green
Because a few people have asked where I got my green contacts from I thought I'd do another review!! So these ones are also from @ohmykitty4u and I love them! 
The lenses are super easy to put in and so comfortable! Their really thin so I couldn't even feel them when they were in with is amazing for me cause I have sensitive eyes! 
When I first got them out I thought they'd be really hard to but in due to how thin they were so I was surprised when I got them in first time! (Especially for me who sucks at putting lenses in!) I love the colour of them, the green is really bright and obvious which I like cause they stand out!
I got them for my Eren cosplay and they suit him amazingly! (Ignore my make up, my first try at Eren make up😂)
again postage was really quick and easy, arrived a lot early than they were said to! Overall I love these lenses and@ohmykitty4u had now turned into my favourite lenses shop just cause the two I've tried so far have been so amazing!!
10/10 would recommend! 

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