One of the major attractions of colored contacts is that they allow people to finally have an eye color that they have always been dreaming about. Given the current technological advancements, wearing colored contacts even solves blurred visions in people affected by astigmatism, eye problems related to irregular shapes of cornea. You can then create the perfect look you desire be it subtle, bold or anywhere in between to enhance your everyday look or rock a crazy design for Halloween and other special occasions.

The following guide will explain the suitability of colors for all you Brown Eyed Peeps out there!

Gray : Gray is actually the Most Preferred Choice of colored contacts for Brown Eyes. Wearing Gray colored contacts would give bold yet natural look which is an excellent choice for everyday wear as well as the most importantly "Looking good in Pictures". Whatever your Shades of Brown Eyes are, gray will look Superb on them. Contact lenses usually would not show too well on Dark Brown Eyes but these are still dependent upon the opacity of the color lenses. Our recommendations for Gray lenses that will show even on Dark Brown Eyes are Premier GrayJinnie GrayFrosty GrayNobluk GrayFay Gray.