OhMyKitty4u : Review of Twilight Pink lens review by @calyplay
Yuno Gasai Cosplay From Anime Mirai Nikki

Absolutely in love with my lenses from@ohmykitty4u ! 
Got them because my old pink lenses weren't very bright and hurt my eyes to put in.

These ones are so comfy and easy to put in!

Photos without make up taken seconds after being put it which shows the fact that for once I didn't cry whilst putting lenses on!
I love how bright the lenses are and how they enlarge my eye which is perfect for cosplay!

Can barely feel them when there In which is a plus for me cause I have very sensitive eyes!
Postage was amazing as even tho it says 12-24 days I got them in like 5 days!!

Over the moon with them and can't wait to try on the other ones I ordered!

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