OhMyKitty4u : Review western eyes spatax blue by @a841990

Review Time~~
This lens are for @ohmykitty4u "Western Eyes Spatax Blue"
•Base Curve: 8.6 mm
• Diameter: 14.5 mm
• Lifespan: 1 Year •
💙 Color 5/5
The color is more beautiful than I thought. In my eyes it looks super natural, even with low light you can appreciate the color!
. 💙 Comfort 5/5
Very comfortable I can move my eyes everywhere I do not feel any discomfort in my eyes.
. 💜 Overall 5/5
my eyes are very big and they have caught my whole eye. in the photos with natural light nothing of my original color is appreciated. I'm in love with these contact lenses. .
💞 I will ask for contact lenses again. They have arrived very fast and safe everything perfect as always 10/10 to the store. They sent me some earrings! Also very beautiful! 

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