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OhMyKitty4u : Review of iFairy Tofi Blue by @maeyuuki_

OhMyKitty4u : Review of iFairy Tofi Blue by @maeyuuki_

  These are @ohmykitty4u iFairy Tofi Blue, valued at $18.00! • #omktofiblue

ohmykitty4u tofi blue

Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 1 Year •

ohmykitty4u tofi blue

Color: 10/10
The color of these lenses were so vibrant! I was in awe when I put it in. While it wasn't too bright, the blue was still so deep and beautiful. •

Comfort: 10/10
Usually, contacts strain my eyes and hurt when I put them in and a little in between. But I couldnt even feel them a minute after I put it in!! Of course it gave a little irritation when I put them in, but honestly it faded away faster than any other contacts I've ever had. •

Size: 8/10
These contacts changed the size of my eyes by so much, I spent so long looking at them in the mirror, its perfect for my cosplays. -- These lenses from @ohmykitty4u are so so amazing, I'm going to use them for many cosplays and I certainly plan to buy more from their site! You should check them out for great quality lenses with such low prices.


ohmykitty4u tofi blue


OhMyKitty4u : Review of Pro Real Crystal by @louistato

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Pro Real Crystal by @louistato

👏👏Lens Review 
These sweet babies are from @ohmykitty4uand are called Pro Real Crystal

( "louistato" for a discount)

These are a 100% the best and my favourite grey lenses I've ever owned.

The coverage is amazing and they really make my eyes stand out.

They're super comfortable and I can't feel them at all when I'm wearing them so I could easily wear them for hours and hours probably, unless they dry out a little but thats what eyedrops are there for!!

I love them so so much and I can't wait until I fully recover from being sick so I can do looks with it ❤️


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OhMyKitty4u : Review Blytheye Violet (EOS New Adult) by @sakimakii

OhMyKitty4u : Review Blytheye Violet (EOS New Adult)  by @sakimakii
It's your favourite neighbourhood cosplayer with a lense review! (Featuring my caterpillar eyebrows)
• • • 🍦Lense review🍦

These are Blytheye Violet (EOS New Adult) from @ohmykitty4u ! I use them for my Kofuku Ebisu cosplay! .
Diameter: 14.8mm
Lifespan: 1 Year
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
🌸Pigmentation 10/10
Have you seen my eyes? They are like blackholes, I'm not even kidding. It's so hard for me to find lenses that show up on them. But holy macaroni these lenses show up so good!! The first pictures are in natural lightning, the second one is with flash. The lenses are honestly amazing and I love the enlargement!
🌸Comfort 9/10
They felt really soft and nice and I had no problem wearing them 8 or 9h. The only thing was that the left lense felt a little uncomfortable and it took a few hours for it to stop. Afterwards I was completely fine, so maybe it was just my eyes.
🌸Shipping 9/10
It took a little under a month for it to arrive just before Luxcon! I was so glad! The shipping does take a while, I'll admit that, but ohmykitty4u has never disappointed me so I'm willing to wait that long to get quality circle lenses!
🌌Overall 28/30🌌
I definitely recommend buying circle lenses from @ohmykitty4u ! They are very friendly and have great quality circle lenses.
I've been getting all of my circle lenses from them for a while now and I will definitely continue!

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OhMyKitty4u : Review Puffy 3 tones violet barbie by @shatteringrealitycosplay

OhMyKitty4u : Review Puffy 3 tones violet barbie by @shatteringrealitycosplay
Lenses : Puffy 3 tones violet barbie from @ohmykitty4u
Diameter :16mm
Lifespan : 1 year l
~Design, color~
I have dark eyes and I was looking for a specific color shade that would work for a character with my Brown eyes; they are perfect in color and I love the tones in the lenses they mix well and show up wonderfully on my eyes. ~Comfort ~
Really comfortable, as soon as I put them in I didnt know I was wearing lenses. These are perfect and I can wear them and forget I have them in ^^ ~Shipping~
First time I've ordered and I was very pleased and they arrived quickly! Very satisfied ~Overall review ~
I was on a hunt for a certain color for my futaba sakura cosplay, having dark and sensitive eyes can make it a challenge but om very happy I went with these puffy three tone lenses. Super comfortable, color is perfect! And they make my character look amazing ! But far my favorite pair of lenses ! ~

OhMyKitty4u : Review western eyes spatax blue by @a841990

OhMyKitty4u : Review western eyes spatax blue by @a841990

Review Time~~
This lens are for @ohmykitty4u "Western Eyes Spatax Blue"
•Base Curve: 8.6 mm
• Diameter: 14.5 mm
• Lifespan: 1 Year •
💙 Color 5/5
The color is more beautiful than I thought. In my eyes it looks super natural, even with low light you can appreciate the color!
. 💙 Comfort 5/5
Very comfortable I can move my eyes everywhere I do not feel any discomfort in my eyes.
. 💜 Overall 5/5
my eyes are very big and they have caught my whole eye. in the photos with natural light nothing of my original color is appreciated. I'm in love with these contact lenses. .
💞 I will ask for contact lenses again. They have arrived very fast and safe everything perfect as always 10/10 to the store. They sent me some earrings! Also very beautiful! 

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OhMyKitty4u : Review Coscon Anime Yellow by @hyper.hyperion

OhMyKitty4u : Review Coscon Anime Yellow by @hyper.hyperion

Review time! 🎉
@ohmykitty4u’s Coscon Anime Yellow lenses (prescription)
(Comfort) - I used them for hours at Ohayocon and they were pretty comfortable.

They’re noticeably heavier than my Air Optix lenses but that wasn’t too big of a problem since after a while I forgot they were in my eyes. .

(Color) - As you can see I have really dark eyes so I was pleasantly surprised with how well the color showed up.

The color appears on my eyes with more of a goldish tint but I’m sure on lighter colored eyes they’ll appear more yellow. Still worked for my cosplay! .

(Design) - These contacts were designed to resemble the eyes of anime characters so they’re absolutely beautiful for taking pictures.

I’d definitely recommend these lenses for characters such as Himiko Toga and Edward Elric (I’m personally going to use them for SSJ4 Goku).

The only flaw I find in their design is if the shading isn’t place in the same position as the other eye it’ll make your eyes look a bit wonky.

Nothing too bad, I’m just that picky. .

(Overall) - (4.5 / 5) I’d recommend these lenses! Check out the #ohmykitty4u site for more colors! ♥️

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Milky Way Violet by @boxturtlecosplay

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Milky Way Violet by @boxturtlecosplay

Deeee these are so pretty! (◕‿◕) Here are my thoughts on Milky Way violet from @ohmykitty4u💕
✨COLOR: 9/10
✨COMFORT: 10/10
I am obsessed with this pattern!!

Each lens is dazzled with little stars and moons, it’s so unique.

The pattern looks more like a standard gradient violet from afar.

I would recommend these for casual wear, they’re not too obnoxious and don’t make my irises look too large.

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Coscon Anime Orange 🧡 by @onyxglow

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Coscon Anime Orange 🧡 by @onyxglow

I've gotten a lot of questions about my shiro lenses so I decided to make a review!
Lenses: Coscon Anime Orange🧡
Shipping: @ohmykitty4u was as lovely to work with and the lenses got here just as I expected them to. No sooner no later.

Colour: 10/10 These lenses are SO vibrant and colorful.

I have dark brown eyes and these showed up beautifully in every photograph

Design: 8/10 the duel color design makes me swoon.

I want them in every color!!

My only complaint is that they rotate A LOT.

That was to be expected with the pattern though

Comfort: 10/10 I wore these all day on Sunday of katsucon and I didn't feel any discomfort at all!

I almost fell asleep with them in.

Overall: 9/10! I love these lenses so much and I can't wait to wear them again soon.

My sora wore the same ones in red and they weren't too taxing to get in his eyes.

He's new to contact lenses too!

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Premier Gray Kazzue by @nekobunn

OhMyKitty4u : Review of Premier Gray Kazzue by @nekobunn


🌸 Lens Review 🌸
Good afternoon 💕💕 today I'm reviewing these lenses from @ohmykitty4u. They are called Premier Gray. They have a lifespan of 3 months and come in a variety of different prescriptions. ** These photos are taken with flash.

Color: 4/5

The color is nice and it shows up well up close and in bright lighting. But when it's darker and from a bit of a distance they are more subtle. I think they're cute either way.

Enlargement: 5/5
They make your eyes look noticeably larger. They are 15mm in diameter but they don't look too unnaturally large.

Comfort: 5/5
I had no problems wearing them for long periods of time! No discomfort.

Overall: 5/5
I really don't have anything bad I can say about these lenses. I gave them a full rating despite not being super vibrant because I thought they looked nice regardless. So I wouldn't quite recommend these if you're looking for vibrant gray lenses - at least not if you have dark eyes like I do. But if you want something a bit more subtle, these are great. My overall experience with @ohmykitty4u was nothing but pleasant and they are one of my favorite lens shops now because of their great selection of natural and cosplay lenses.

Find these lenses here:

OhMyKitty4u : Review moonlite yellow by @haku_kitsune

OhMyKitty4u : Review moonlite yellow by @haku_kitsune

This is one review i wanted to do long time ago about this lenses !I love them.

The brand is very comfortable to wear and colour is intense.I have dark brown eyes and ,as you can see the colour is still stunning~

I bought them at @ohmykitty4u .

Model is :Moonlite Yellow and you can choose your graduation :3 

I used those for Gokotai from Touken Ranbu and also for some Kitsunes;as an example ,Youko from Onmyoji~ 

Hope this review serves to you 💙