Genshin Impact



Nahida Green Eyes Contacts


To elevate your Nahida cosplay from Genshin Impact, look no further than our Sakura Leaf Lenses. , these contacts perfectly match her distinctive shade of green eyes. Enjoy the freedom to navigate conventions confidently as prescription options available up to -6.00. 




Noelle Green Contacts Recommendation


For a flawless Noelle cosplay from Genshin Impact, our Nubile Green contacts are the perfect match for her unique eye color. Seamlessly blending with her distinct shade, these contacts ensure an authentic portrayal while offering practicality. With prescription options available up to -8.00, you can enjoy clear vision without compromising on accuracy. Plus, the natural pattern makes them suitable for daily casual wear, adding versatility to your cosplay ensemble. Embrace the spirit of Noelle with confidence and style, courtesy of our Nubile Green contacts.





 Hu Tao Cosplay Contacts Recommendation

    Introducing our specialized contacts crafted specifically for Hu Tao from Genshin Impact, designed to offer uninterrupted vision without compromises. With prescription options available up to -6.00, you can experience clarity while immersing yourself in character. Navigate conventions with ease and confidence . Get yours now  > Hu Tao Cosplay Contacts 





    Venti Cosplay Contacts Recommendation

      Capture the essence of Venti from Genshin Impact with our top-selling Kazzue Snow Elf contacts, seems like it is tailored made for his signature bright teal eyes flawlessly. With prescription options available up to -8.00, you can indulge in clear vision while embodying this beloved character. Elevate your cosplay experience to new heights with our Snow Elf contacts and bring Venti to life with unparalleled accuracy and style.




      Xiao Genshin Impact Cosplay Contacts 


      Cosplay Vivid Yellow contacts, the ultimate choice for bringing Xiao from Genshin Impact to life! These vibrant yellow lenses offer high opacity, ensuring flawless coverage for both dark and light eyes. With their vivid hue, they capture Xiao's distinct eye color with remarkable accuracy, making them the ideal accessory to complete your cosplay ensemble.



      Kaedehara Kazuha Cosplay Contacts Recommendation

      Embrace the captivating allure of Kazuha from Genshin Impact with our Coscon Anime Red contacts, perfectly designed to replicate his mesmerizing red-orange and yellow gradient eyes. These vibrant lenses feature a striking ombre effect, ensuring an eye-catching finish that mirrors Kazuha's unique gaze. Elevate your cosplay to new heights with these bright and vivid lenses, capturing every detail of Kazuha's captivating look

      Raiden Shogun Cosplay Contacts Recommendation

      Immerse yourself in the majestic aura of Raiden Shogun with our Milkshake Violet contacts, the lenses perfectly replicate her enchanting lilac eyes. This mesmerizing hue, a harmonious blend of purple and pink, perfectly captures the essence of Raiden Shogun's captivating gaze. Elevate your cosplay to new heights with these stunning lenses, ensuring an authentic and captivating portrayal of this iconic character

      Eula Genshin Impact Color Contacts Recommendation

      Step into the world of Eula from Genshin Impact with our Shimmer Gold Violet contacts, that reflect her stunning ombre-colored eyes. With a base of soft purple accented by a golden glow, these lenses perfectly capture the essence of Eula's captivating gaze. The subtle glitter adds a touch of glamour, ensuring a glossy and glamorous finish