Trublend Daily (1pair)

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Colors: Brown
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TruBlends One Day brings you the convenience and beauty. No more maintenance or fear of infections, fit a fresh new pair each day, TruBlends colour creates a naturally blending tone that suits both light and dark eyes. Whether it’s for work or fun ColourVUE® One Day colours your active and trendy lifestyle.

Package : 2 pieces of Daily contacts only

Usual daily lenses are pack in a bundle of 30 pieces of even more, we are offering you a special deal by splitting it into 2 pieces per purchase.
By doing this, you will have more flexibility in color choices and you will be able to pick the colors you want to try and give it a try before making a bulk purchase. This option is also extremely good for people who are looking for one day color lenses for a specific one day function!

Colors available: Brown, Hazel, Grey, Green, Turquoise , Violet, Blue, Aqua



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