Rotatable Manual Lens Cleaner

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Color: Pink
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Size: 4.80 x 3.40 cm
Suitable for lenses with diameter of 13.4mm to 17mm

- For cleaning, disinfecting and storing various types of contact lenses.
- Easy to use and operate, you can clean your lens effectively and correctly just by turning the lid
- Suitable for using during travelling or outdoor activity.
- Lens daily care, more healthy and comfortable to wear.
- Sterilised and hygienically packaged
- Wash with water and leave it to dry before each use. 

How to use:
1. Thoroughly wash your hands, put the lens into the basket
2. Put the care solution into the cup to the tick line
3. After tightening the lid, turn the blue lid part around

Package included: 1 x Contact Lens Cleaner

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