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During this difficult period, some couriers and post offices have suspended selected services. Ohmykitty is checking with each couriers daily, and will do our best to provide more shipping options as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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  • You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been successfully placed–it will include your order number and shipping method. 
  • Please make sure your shipping address is correct as we are unable to redirect goods once they are en route to you.
  • Kindly note that all working days mentioned will exclude Weekends and Public Holidays as there are no dispatch operations. 
  • Every order will be dispatched within 1-3 working days unless the item is out of stock and we will send email to notify you. Please make sure the email is valid and active. 
  • Once your order is prepared for shipment you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking information. 
  • All shipping costs are non-refundable once parcel has departed our warehouse facility.
  • Please note that Toric/ Astigmatism contact lenses may take up to four weeks to ship, no matter what shipment type is chosen.
  • Please take note that the parcel might delay if it was unfortunately hold by custom for checking and review.
  • We will not be held liable for lost of package if the package reached destination country or status was shown "Delivered". Customers must contact their local post office for claims or provide clear evidence (in writing) indicating lost of parcel.
  • All International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees, which are levied by the local customs and authorities of your country of origin, and are strictly the responsibility of the Recipient. OMK will not be held responsible for any such events as the payments are not made to us but to your local authorities.
  • All delivery time frame is based in best ESTIMATION with the exception of Express shipments. All transit times are subject to Customs Clearance, transport conditions, weather conditions, volume of mail traffic and etc.

  • International shipments may subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees, which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the Recipient.

  • Estimated delivery time frame EXCLUDE processing time (found in product description).

  • For express shipping, please provide contact number, postal code and buzz code (if any) in the shipping address. DO NOT enter P.O Box address.

  • Delivery is usually done from Monday to Friday, working hours only.

  • Please contact us if the package did not reach within the mentioned delivery time frame for our team to perform the necessary investigations. OMK will not entertain any claims after 30 days of the mentioned delivery timeframe as the case would be abandoned.


Shipping rate varies according to the weight of the cart, order amount, shipping method and country. Please proceed to checkout to find out the shipping options available and shipping cost.  


 Trace & Track

All Parcels are fully trackable and it is your responsibility to track your parcel once it is shipped. The tracking information will let you know if delivery has been attempted or if futher details are required in order to deliver. This tracking information is the carriers way of letting you know of any issues. Failure to follow your parcels progress can lead to alerts being missed. If delivery is hampered due to insufficient address information or failure to respond to calling card, your parcel may be returned to Ohmykitty. SO PLEASE ENSURE YOU TRACK YOUR PARCEL AND YOU CAN AVOID ANY UNNECESSARY DELAYS OR COSTS. 

  1. Standard Shipping tracking website  Click here to see list of international postal authorities 
  2. FedEx Economy Tracking Website Click FedEx Tracking and key in the tracking number (air waybill number) provided.
  3. DHL Express Tracking Website : Click DHL Tracking and key in the tracking number (air waybill number) provided.


Returns and Exchanges

Incorrect Item: If you have not receive what you ordered do not panic, you can return it and we will ship the correct item and refund all shipping costs.

Lost orders: It is rare that an order gets lost but if this happens and your package does not arrive within 3 weeks since the shipping date, please contact us and we will get in touch with the company office trying to find it.

Incorrect Address: Make sure the shipping address you provided is correct and complete, we are not responsible for lost orders due to incorrect addresses. If your package is returned due to this, we can ship it again upon receiving the new shipping payment.

Cancellation: You may cancel your order if it has not been yet been shipped. Kindly email us immediately and we will arrange for a refund (3-4 business days). However a fee of $2 will be imposed for administration fee. 

Returns : Customers may return merchandise for a merchandise exchange within 10 days from the receipt date. We will not process any returns or exchanges after this period. For all return parcels, kindly direct them to the address at the end of the page.

Kindly note that Ohmykitty reserves the right not to entertain any complaints filed after 10 days of grace period other than product defection complaints.


Exchange and Return Policy


PLEASE NOTE that every product must be examined thoroughly before opening and cannot be returned for exchange once it’s opened. Defects detected after the product’s seal is opened due to cursory examination will be considered as defects caused after opening and usage, and will not be subject to exchanges.

Our contacts are mass produced according to orders which are placed by customers in an automatized system. Quality control examination is thoroughly implemented in 3 processes: Factory (manufacture site), Professional EQ area and Naked Eye examination. Such levels of discretion minimizes the overall probability of defective products. Most problems within usage happen due to the following reasons:

Solutions to problems during the usage of contact lenses (pain burning effect/ blurred vision, etc.)

1) It is important to distinguish inner/ outer surface of the contacts before wearing them.
2) Blurry visions occurs mainly due to dry eyes.

★Please examine thoroughly before opening package★

Upon the opening of the package, we cannot determine whether the defect was caused before or after the usage, and the exchange will never be viable.

★Examining whether the delivered package is the product you ordered★

-Please refer to the Order Status to check whether the Order you placed meets the curvature you require.

-Examine the condition of the product from the bottom side of the package

-Shake lightly to examine the inner surface of the contacts

-Check whether both pieces(left and right)of the contacts are of the same color.
(Issues regarding factors that cannot be considered as production defaults such as minuscule difference of color, or wrong design cannot be processed under defective product policy. Classification of defective product must be based on the strict standard of whether “the product causes usage issues during wear.”)

We only guarantee product exchanges to the customers who abide with our aforementioned conditions.

Given that the customer understands and cooperates to the aforementioned conditions, we appreciate your generous understanding required for implementing lower price policies compared to other online markets.

We operate our sales based on the assumption that our customers have fully understood and agreed to the our conditions and policies aforementioned.

Q: My eyes hurt as soon as wear the lens. Is there a problem with the lenses?
A: Many first time users have reported their concerns about discomfort that they encounter which may be due to incorrect wearing methods. When you wear the lens inside out, the rough surface will cause pain as it moves on your pupils. You must first distinguish the inner side of the contacts before attempting to wear your contact lenses. The pain can also be caused by dust on inner surface of the contacts that may remain on the surface of the contacts when you don’t wash your hands thoroughly or wipe your hands with a used towel. If you are a first time user and are not very familiar to wearing contacts, repeating wrong methods could cause minuscule damage to the retina and add to the discomfort during wear. 
Another cause of pain can also be from dusts in the air. Since repeated wrong tries can cause damage to your eyes, please be thorough in cleansing your hands and wearing the contacts at a single try. Rather than persisting wrong trials, sanitizing the contacts and putting them on at single try after simulating increases your wearing experience. Most of our customers reporting complaints about product quality have resolved their issues through the aforementioned method.
Q: I am experiencing blurry vision when I wear contacts
A: Blurry visions are mainly caused by dry eyes. Be aware not to use too much saline water drops to resolve the issue as too much saline water drops may cause bacterial contamination.
Long usages of contacts may deplete oxygen proportion of the eye which would also cause blurry vision to occur. The blur will be gone after 2~3 hours after you take out the contacts. When such symptoms arise, kindly reduce the usage time of your contacts. 
It is also better to refrain from using personal computer or reading a book while wearing contacts because these activities causes the eyes to dry quickly. For the same reason, wearing contacts may cause discomfort in dry outdoor environment. 
Please be advised to blink frequently as this would help to to relieve your dry eyes when you wear contacts. 
The blurry lenses with direct contact to the retina may cause discomfort and congested eyes, and the functionality of the retina can be temporarily decreased due to lack of oxygen supply from the tears. Therefore, uncomfortable wearing experience is a natural consequence of dry eyes. We advise you to wear contacts outdoors and cut back the time of your wear when such symptoms arise. Normally beauty contact lenses are mostly manufactured for short-sighted vision, and therefore the symptoms of blurry vision and discomfort can be greater for people with severe astigmatism. 
Blurry vision can also be caused by remaining protein or fat particles on the surface of the lens. Taking off the contacts and leaving them without thoroughly cleansing will definitely shorten their durability and also decrease oxygen transparency rate. Most contacts remain at par condition for 10 months if they have been treated with care. We cannot guarantee how long the contacts will last if managed at poor conditions.
Q: My eyes hurt and become red when I wear contacts.
A: Instead of defects with the product, these symptoms may arise due to wrong wearing method from lack of experience and dry eyes.
Minuscule dust particles left on the surface of the contacts can cause discomfort and also redden the eyes. Try cleansing the contacts thoroughly with fresh multipurpose solutions and before attempting wearing again. 
If red eyes and pain occur 1~2 hours after the wear, the causes can be attributed to dry eyes. Your eyes will have to rest fully when such symptoms occur.
If you feel uncomfortable during wear, it is best to steadily increase the time of the wear in several occasions. Wearing contacts for long time when your eyes are not used to it can only cause discomfort. If one individual is the only one undergoing such discomfort, the condition may be caused by the dryness of the eyes (xerophthalmia) People who have xerophthalmia must decrease usage time and also utilize artificial teardrops during wear. 
Blinking consciously would help improve this condition as it keeps your eyes moist. 
The eyelids prevent your eyes from drying out and provide humidity while blinking. 
People who have xerophthalmia must be cautious in examining his current condition and decide upon the usage time of the contacts.
When your eyes become red, you should take the contacts off and examine for defects of the contacts, damage to the eyes, their condition and dryness in order to find causes. 
The redness will fade in about a day after you take off the lenses. 
When your eyes are still red and painful, be prompt to consult a professional to receive adequate treatment. 


If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return.
We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order.

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