Multipurpose Lens Solution (60ml)

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Bio-inspired lens solution for your eye health.

No more irritated lens solution in your lens care procedure!

Max OptiFresh Bioplus multipurpose solution ease you from the irritation caused by chemical formulated lens solution. Makes your sight clear and bright with ultimate moist and comfort in whole day.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is our body and eyes natural lubricant, Max OptiFresh Bioplus will decrease the chance of eye irritation. HA also assists and increase tears break up time thus enhancing the comfort of lens wearing.

Applied with HPMC in the solution, its form a lubricating shield surrounding the lens to give a lasting comfort and prevent moisture loss.

Max OptiFresh Bioplus also safeguard your eyes and lens from germ by properly disinfecting them, removing protein and lipids, and balancing pH level to match healthy tears.




Bioplus seal/ Double Moisturizing Effect


Sodium hyaluronate with HPMC forms a lubricating shield on the lens. Keeps in moisture, lubricates and coats the surface of lens which conditions lens and seals in moisture and slowly releases it throughout the day.




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