My Hero Academia - Mina Ashido (include Horns) - Cosplay Wig

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Mina Ashido is a student at U.A. training to become a Pro Hero. Appearance. Mina is a girl who has pink skin and short, messy light pink hair. Her eyes have black sclera and yellow irises. Mina's Quirk allows her to shoot out a corrosive liquid from within her body and can control the degree of solubility, as well as its viscosity. She can use it offensively but has shown utility as well such as melting handholds for herself to climb with. She is also known to secrete the acid from her feet in order to slide around.

  • Material: High-quality Synthetic Heat Resistant Hair
  • Hair Length : 30cm
  • Package Includes:1pre-styled wig + one pair of horns +  1 net-cap
  • This wig is adjustable, it fits most head size
  • Horn Material: PVC.
  • Horn Size: About 8.5cm.

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