NEW 2 in 1 Lens Applicator & Tweezer

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Color: Pink
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A safe, hygienic, and easy way to insert and remove soft and hard contact lenses. Keep your eyes clean from germs and avoid eye infections!

Never struggle with putting contacts in again! 

Contact Lens Applicator has been recommended by thousands of eye care practitioners since 1977 and thousands of lens wearers have already made their lens handling simpler by using this proven time-saving aid, ensuring easy application even with long, manicured nails. Most importantly, risk of germs and eye infections are severely reduced as you no longer will need to touch your eye and contact lens with your dirty fingers. It's simply a more efficient method... saving a lot of time & frustration, and keeping your eyes safe and clean.

Recommended to rinse the silicone with a contact lens solution before use.


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