The Basic Auto Cleaner Lens Case

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Color: Pink
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Though your pair of contact lenses may seems very clean through the naked eyes, it can actually absorb up to billions of tears protein and bacterias. 

☆ REDUCE EYE RISKS. Wearing contact lenses that are not properly cleaned can cause tears, red eyes, infections, bacterial, corneal ulcers, and corneal perforation.advance cleaning technology is unparalleled and will keep your eyes safe from infection.

Size  65 mm x 75 mm x 23 mm 
Weight  54.6g
Colors available   Pink & White
 Warranty   1 months 

The mild vibration of the product effectively removes tear protein and bacterias on the surface of the lenses without damaging the lens.  By cleaning your lenses regularly, you could prolong the lifespan of the lenses , giving you the comfort and hygein similar to a brand new pair. 

☆ AUTOMATIC CLEANING. Automatically clean contact lenses and avoid cleaning contact lenses with fingers, because sometimes bacteria can contaminate your lenses with your fingers.

1. First, remove the lens case from the Auto Cleaner and pour in fresh contact lens solution.
2. Insert your contact lenses into the lens case and close the cover tightly. 

3. Open the bottom cover and install one 1.5V Battery at the bottom of the product . For battery to last longer, please remove the battery whenever it is not in use. (Note: Battery is not included in the product)
4. Attached the lens case on the auto cleaner and press the on/off button. 
5. Please allow at least 30 seconds wash each time. 
5.  To stop the auto cleaner, press on the white button again .  Please discard the solution in the lens case and wash it with fresh solution before putting them on.



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